Sa dinami-dami, bakit ikaw?

Sa dinaming lalaki, bakit ikaw?
Isang tanong, maaaring maraming sagot.
Pwede ko sabihing ‘pagkat ikaw ang nagbigay ilaw.
Sa buhay kong puno ng bangungot.

Ngunit nais kong maging tapat sa’yo.
At ang totoo’y hindi mapagtanto
Kung bakit mahal kang totoo
Bakit ang puso’y hawak mo

Ang tanging alam ko ay
Itong mga mata’y di maikurap
Tuwing ika’y nasa harap
Buhay ko’y sayo handang ialay

Mahal ko, tandaan mo
‘Di titigil sa pag-ibig sa’yo
Maging magpatalo
Sa temptasyon nitong mundo

Hiling ng puso, nawa’y manatiling tapat
Handog na pag-ibig sa akin
Ako man ay gagawin ang nararapat
Ang walang tigil kang mahalin


Is it enough?

Is it enough
Knowing that we love
Each other
Holding on
To your promises
Of forever

Trusting you won’t
Hurt me

Let me cry
Tonight would be the last
Tear that would fall
For you

And the day begins again
With a thought
Of you walking away

Let me remind
You of your promises
Seems they would be all broken
Just how you broke
My walls
My trust
My heart

Come back
Mend it, I’m begging
I’ve no strength
To once again build
My walls
My trust
My heart

It’s all broken


On my bed I lay,
Thinking of you
As tears roll down
My face,
These lips whisper
Your name
Wishing you’re here,
Holding my hand
Keeping me company
As I rest
Through this cold night

To the Girl Who Feels Like Giving Up

To the girl who feels like giving up…..I see you!

I know you think no one notices….but I do.

I see that there was once a spark in those hazel eyes of yours. They have seen so much pain. I can tell that so many stories hide behind those tired eyes.

I see that you are exhausted, and not in the I want to lay down and go to sleep kind of tired. The exhaustion of many hidden tears, and days full of anxiety and heart ache.

You’re tired from fighting to get through it all. You have fought so damn hard and I am so proud of you!

You have made it this far….You might not see the strong woman I see, but I promise you she is there within you.

You hold a lot back.You keep your mouth shut just to avoid conflict, but its okay to stand up for yourself once in a while.

Its okay to show emotion. It makes you human. You are allowed to feel as deeply as you want and express yourself as much as you want.

You try so hard to come off as a hard shell, but I see so much light with in you. It radiates from you even though you might try to dim it to protect yourself, I can still see it.

I know it is really hard right now to see the light at the end of this seemingly long tunnel….please believe me when I tell you it is there.

Nothing lasts forever, which means this difficult phase of life you are going through, it’ll end one day.

I truly hope that for you it’ll be soon because I know you have already endured so much.

You deserve to be happy. To be ecstatic. To feel on top of the world, To skip and jump and dance with joy. to feel it so deeply.

I know its time for something amazing to happen for you and I know with all my heart its coming.

Please just do me a favor….hang in there.

I know you feel drained from life and you feel lost and stuck. You don’t even know what you are doing anymore. I know you feel that way. I can see it.

Maybe its just that I read you well….but I know…god I know how you are feeling and I hate seeing you like this.

I know the optimistic, happy woman you are is still inside you, shes just been weighted down over the years from all that weight shes been carrying.

I promise that weight will be lifted and everything will fall into place.

I promise you one day you will be able to look back and think wow I made it through all that.

Then you will see the strong woman I am seeing now. Hold on please….a while longer.

By April Lee


Sa iyong paglayo, luha ‘di maiwasang pumatak
Nakatanaw habang ika’y naglalakad palayo
Hawak ang dibdib kung saan ngalan mo’y nakatatak
Dinadasal na ika’y maging ligtas sa iyo’ng paghayo

Inaamin kong ito’y nagdulot ng sakit at kalungkutan
Puso’y nabigla sa balita mo’ng tangan
Ngunit alam kong ito na ang pagkakataong inaabangan
Umasang andito ako at ika’y susuportahan

Basta iyo lang tatandaan, mahal kitang lubusan
Magkalayo man tayo ngayon aking mahal,
Sa puso kong ito’y di ka papalitan
Dito ako maghihintay sa muli mong pagbalik, mahal

Just a thought 8/9/2016

I was just browsing on Facebook when I came across the post of my highschool classmate. Oh, no. It was actually his girlfriend’s post and he was just tagged there.

It was a celebratory post since my highschool friend was just promoted as a supervisor.

I looked at the photos and the comments there, then I saw that apart from the promotion, they already have a house coming their way.

Surely, they worked hard for it. I know that they’re preparing it for their future. It’s like they’re so sure that they’ll end up together. Well, if I have a 10-year long relationship, I’ll think that he’s the one too.

Merely looking at the photos and reading through the comments somehow pressured me inside. I thought of how my life would be 3-5 years from now.

You see, I am not living my dreams. I’m not a news anchor like what I dreamed of. I’m not a travel blogger and as ridiculous as it may sound, I hardly go on a travel.

I’m just this bloke who wakes up in the morning, struggling each day to convince myself to get up and prep. Even when there’s an everyday struggle, funny that I don’t want to be late. You see, I go to work, complaining in between how my life goes and why the clock seems to tick so slowly when I’m at work. That’s what happens ALL THE TIME. Then I go home and act like a couch potato. As you can guess, the same thing happens the next day.

During my restday, I’m doing the laundry and spend the idle time reading. If you can notice, my life is nothing but work and home. It’s pretty boring and lifeless. This is not the life I thought of, and yet, this is the life I’m living now.

I’m trying to embrace this life for now, since this is what I got and this job that I almost wanna let go of is my only source of income.

As I am embracing this, I still want to think that I can live the life I want to be. That one day, I’ll proudly say that my life rules. Yes, it’s not all about material things. But if you’ve lived the life I’ve lived from when I was born, you’d wish to have a job that can support all your lavishness, and house where you can invite all your friends and families to sleep over, a kitchen where the food is enough to feed you for a year, a car that can take you anywhere you wanted to go. This wish list can go on and on.

Yes, one day, I’m sure that I’ll live the life I always wanted. When all this is done, and when I am prepared to live it out.